Thursday, 22 August 2019

Speed limits 
Hello today I will be talking about speed limits.

The rule of thumb for speed and air resistance is that for a given car, it takes four times as much power to go twice as fast.

 If your car can do 50 mph with 35 horsepower, you'll need 140 horsepower to do 100 mph. For 200 mph, you'll also need about 560 horsepower. At 300 mph it would might be around 2,240 horsepower.

Main body: Does speeding damage your engine

It only adds a second of time and will save you from future engine. Transmission, or axle  damage.... Revving the engine won't speed up the process. In fact, that could cause easily avoided damage. Cold revving causes abrupt temperature changes that create stress between the engine's tight-fitting components.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

My Holidays

My Holidays

In the Holidays my mum, dad, baby, sister and I went to Glen Innes shopping center. Then I was playing shoots with my dad while my mum was watching my two sisters playing at the park. 

Secondly we went to K.F.C for lunch and my mum ordered delicious food. When she ordered our food I was so excited and can not wait to eat it. I ate  all of my Kai and I said "Yummy".We went home after we ate.

On Sunday I was playing Call of Duty Four and Call of duty Three for a while.After that My family and I went to Cash Converters to get a new game called God of war Four for play station four.Then we went Pak n Save to get our lunch. It was a long walk to Pak n Save.After that,my mum,dad,my two sisters and I went back home.I started playing the game as soon as we arrived home.

My favorite part was going home and playing the new game God of War Four.It was cool.  

Monday, 30 July 2018

A time when I worked extremely hard to achieve something

A time when I worked hard is when I was cleaning my room, my sisters room,my mum and dads' room and also my older brothers room. It was really hard for me because my mum said if I can clean it good she will pay me with money but if I am not doing it good I won't get any.

I started by washing the dishes, pots, pans, spoons, forks, knifes, plates and bowls after that I was drying the dishes and I was also pack.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Reflections on term 2 goals

I did achieve my reading goal because I have been reading every day at home. Also I read chapter books like White fang, Goosebumps and Bad guys.

I did achieve my writing goal because I have been writing at home all day. Also I'm writing a story about ninjas and drummers  before I go to bed.

I did not achieve my seven and eights time tables because I never learnt them. But I only know my nine, ten, eleven, six, five, four, three, two and one time tables. 

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Matariki is about the seven matariki stars and it is also about Maori Myths and legends also it is when, where, who, what and why. also this is about gods like Tawhirimatea, Rongo, Tane, Haumia, Tangaroa.

Monday, 21 May 2018

My Bey blade, Storm Stellaris

My Storm stellaris

It was my first time training with with my brother and my friends. My brothers Bey blade was named X-Raider Mega Storm. My brothers Bey blade was stronger than mine. My brother said to me “Do you want to verse me at a battle?” then I said “Bring it on then” after that we battles each other.

My brother beat me with his bey blade and I went into my brothers huge house. After that I saw
my friends outside waiting for me because I
was inside. Suddenly my friends wanted to battle me and I said...

To be continued...